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Body and Skin Care

Find the latest products to enhance your skin condition, add new levels of colour and reverse the signs of aging. Products enriched with vitamins, minerals, proteins, bronzers and powerful moisturizers to complement and enhance all of our services.

Massage Magic RMT

Absolute best registered massage value in Canada. Beautiful spa facilities, award winning therapists and unparalleled results. Health and pain management or just blissful relaxation … we will design a wellness plan that will maximize the value of your health benefits plan.

Smile Magic

Changing the world one smile at a time. Get a beautiful bright white smile with our specially formulated teeth whitening application. Our custom gel formula works with LED light activation to produce results that are 2-8 shades whiter in just one application. Single treatment only takes 15 minutes.

Collagen Restoration

Defy aging, improve skin tone, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, reduce stretch marks and achieve skin perfection. Our Red Light collagen restoration services will have your skin looking youthful and perfect in no time. No injections, no surgery, no crazy pills or diets.

Sunless Spray

For those that choose a uv free tanning experience, we offer the Mystic Tan bronze mist solution. Perfect colour with a choice of three custom shades. Applied automatically in just 30 seconds through the Mystic Magnetan technology. No streaking, no orange look and no mess. Amazing results every time.

Controlled UV

Controlled UV exposure for custom results based on your genetic skin type. We use the latest equipment and lamp technology to achieve exceptional results while minimizing the risk of sunburn. Over 10 Million happy customer!


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